Did I forget something after crossflashing? Seems to be everything all right. The shape of your Benq scan looks similar to mine. Click on the image below for a larger and more detailed photograph. Thanks for explaining it better than I did!

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If flashfix is an actual program, where can I get it? Enjoy the new drive.

SINAMICS G,PM_FSC_V_FLT,KW : MPG6 | Dunker Electric Supply & Lighting Center

Galaxy S10, 5G, Folding Phones. We do not recommend removing the drive’s cover, since this will void the manufacturer’s warranty. Is there any flashfixed firmware that makes it possible to crossflash the drive back to being a Da DW-GA drive with Sony firmware, after it has been flashed to a LiteOn drive? I bought it yesterday! Hehe, I just made mine ready to return it to the g20. I am looking to get a new burner, and pretty much down to these two I think. Samsung’s Next Smartphone foray: Also, my case is not very friendly to replace drives, if needed.


Any hints are appreciated. I narrowed it down to these two because I wanted one that I could do scans with. Click on the image below for a larger and more detailed photograph.

Is their any bonus to getting the lighton over a sony, or the other way around really.

Sony DW-G A looks similar. Samsung Releases New Flash Laptop.

The coming week-end is a three day weekend here Whit Monday is a public holiday in DKso I was also thinking of spending some gadget money before the week-end. What do you consider t120 bad result? Perfect place for the post. DVD Error Correction 5.

I use one of my P6Ss in a Prolific external enclosure and it works fine.

That was exactly what I was trying to ask! I have to much stuff to back up to worry about loosing it.

SINAMICS G120,PM250_FSC_400V_FLT,11KW (432XJ0C)

Leave this field blank. It just requires a flashfixed flasher and the Test firmware has this flasher. Last, but not least, the scan Dragemester provided, looks very similar to my results. What code is in the image? So, I blame the drive, that is apparently very picky about media and even dislikes top rated stuff like TY. Thanks chok0, yes the GA. Did I forget something after crossflashing? I did so, my enclosure is equipped with Cypress chipset. CD Recording Tests 7.


The advantage of Liteon FW is, that there are some additional tools available and you can be beta tester of apps and firmware Concerning scans: I just realised something, doh!

You can also treat Sony firmware with that in case you want zu go back to Sony FW.