I absolutely hate the layout for Ubuntu To get some additional information I set the cups logger to “debug”. It provides secure encrypted communications between two untrusted hosts over an insecure network. Once again many thanks. This package is built from the X. KDE Frameworks 5 addons to QtCore – data files KCoreAddons provides classes built on top of QtCore to perform various tasks such as manipulating mime types, autosaving files, creating backup files, generating random sequences, performing text manipulations such as macro replacement, accessing user information and many more.

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Take care that it is the right packages: Still, it doesn’t hurt to check.

Whenever I print, the upper margin is smaller and the lower one bigger than on my screen. Did you apply all the updates? However when I select the ‘print test page’ I get the same error as above. And, how do I get Xsane to play nice without being root? This package provides CTF ubunut for Babeltrace.

Ununtu package provides the runtime library of additional functions that are part of the Speex distribution. Changed in brother-cups-wrapper-extra Ubuntu: This package is useful for a minimal footprint headless scanning solution. I need help and hope some one can help me fix my printing problem.


Debian for a list of the modules contained in this package. Various other audio conversions e. I am following the step by step to the hilt but still getting this have done repeat of theis several mfc-260d same result. I’ve gone through so many different tips and tricks but it just won’t work. It is a fork of the library named “ares”, with additional features: Nice work, I brkther find this tutorial helpful every time i set up my Brother network printer because the mfc drivers are still not included in the printer drivers provided by default by Ubuntu.

Hi, Thanks a lot for your post, i got the printer working perfectly but i couldnt make it with the scanner.

Linux Informations

The ‘s top-left values were 14 some-odd LPR driver deb 1. Corsair Low Profile Vengeance Fontconfig is not a rasterization library, nor does it impose a particular rasterization library on the application.

Color scans result in very bad experience. If you wish to incorporate parts of the Program into other free programs whose distribution conditions are uuntu, write to the author to ask for permission.

However I’m also curious how Brother could recommend editing a file to be overwritten upon relevant update? I followed your steps and everthing installed successfully, however, I still can not print Test Page.


Vote for your favourite packages automatically The popularity-contest package sets up a cron ubyntu that will periodically anonymously submit to the Ubuntu developers statistics about the most used Ubuntu packages on this system.

How to Install Brother MFCC Printer Drivers on Ubuntu Linux Easy Guide

Utility library for loading. By the way, I have already tired the solution given brothwr this link: The font contains around 5, glyphs and can generate over 20, different combinations with full support for the Sanskrit combinations found in ‘chos skad’ texts.

I know nothing about “code”, and what should be a simple fix turns to a major project. Most of the drivers there seem to be for all Ubuntu versions.

Brother printers and Ubuntu Linux 8.04

Now, bring up the terminal again and create the LPD directory with the following command: I read through and followed the instructions on the article and it worked.

This package contains the localization of LibreOffice in German. It should be noted that a package providing x-window-manager should also be installed to ensure a comfortable X fmc-260c.